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Can Urticaria Be Treated

Urticaria is an itchy skin disease more commonly known as hives. It usually appears on the skin in the form of pink or red patches which can be incredibly itchy and irritating. There are two types of urticaria categorized as acute or chronic, the latter staying on the skin for an extended period of time usually beyond a good few months. The best treatment for urticaria is prevention and this can be done when the patient recognises the symptoms and what elements trigger them off. Treatment is […]

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Causes Of Urticaria

There are two main types of urticaria, the first being that caused by an allergy and the second that which occurs due to any other factor and even unknown causes. Urticaria or hives is recognised as a skin disease, which cause visible red patches and itchy bumps on the surface of the skin. The majority of people who are unfortunate enough to suffer from urticaria may experience an outbreak as a result of being in a particular place where exposure to a certain substance is considerably high. […]

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