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Urticaria Remedy and Relief

Skin allergies are very common and often come about as a result of the body repelling against something. Obvious symptoms consist of rashes, swelling, red patches or blotches and itchiness as the body manifests and rejects particular factors such as foods, chemicals, plants and even pets. Urticaria or hives is the common term given for this type of skin complaint and it is estimated that around twenty percent of the population suffer from it. There are two types of urticaria classified as acute and chronic. In the […]

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Natural Urticaria Remedies

Urticaria is one of the most irritating skin complaints which manifests itself in the form of itchy bumps and red patches that can appear anywhere on the surface of the skin. Apart from the embarrassing appearance of urticaria it is extremely uncomfortable, particularly the excessive itchiness. Hives or urticaria can occur in anyone of any age and is usually associated with environmental factors that can affect lifestyle and diet. Although there are many known treatments currently used for treating hives, there are now more and more natural […]

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