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Urticuria Diet

Urticuria, perhaps more commonly known as hives, is a skin condition caused by allergic reactions to particular substances or foods. Typical symptoms include a rash which appears on the skin with red itchy bumps that cause great discomfort to the patient. In mild cases of urticuria there is no real need for treatment as the rash generally disappears by itself after a few hours or at most a couple of days. Sometimes stress or specific foods can trigger symptoms, so the quickest remedy is to avoid such […]

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Natural Methods To Treat Chronic Urticaria

Unlike acute urticaria, which a small dose of antihistamine can fix within a matter of hours, a chronic case of urticaria or hives is a little more complex as far as treatment goes. A general antihistamine will offer only short term effective relief for chronic idiopathic sufferers. Therefore it may be of interest to learn about some of the natural methods that are known be actually work and relieve some of the discomfort that comes with urticaria. Here are some of the more natural methods used by […]

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