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Can Urticuria Be A Warning For Other Illnesses

Urticuria is associated with an allergic reaction to either certain foods or external substances in the environment. It is also related to stress, poor diet and over indulgence or abuse of other substances. Typical signs of urticuria includes severe itchiness of the skin with red bumps and patches that can appear anywhere on the skins surface. Most people who suffer from urticuria or hives will be fortunate enough to experience a mild form of this irritable skin condition. In such cases there is no real need for […]

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Natural Methods To Treat Chronic Urticaria

Unlike acute urticaria, which a small dose of antihistamine can fix within a matter of hours, a chronic case of urticaria or hives is a little more complex as far as treatment goes. A general antihistamine will offer only short term effective relief for chronic idiopathic sufferers. Therefore it may be of interest to learn about some of the natural methods that are known be actually work and relieve some of the discomfort that comes with urticaria. Here are some of the more natural methods used by […]

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Causes Of Urticaria

There are two main types of urticaria, the first being that caused by an allergy and the second that which occurs due to any other factor and even unknown causes. Urticaria or hives is recognised as a skin disease, which cause visible red patches and itchy bumps on the surface of the skin. The majority of people who are unfortunate enough to suffer from urticaria may experience an outbreak as a result of being in a particular place where exposure to a certain substance is considerably high. […]

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